Friday, March 12, 2010

Chula Vista OTC Javelin Elite Development Camp

Little back story: I live and train at the ARCO U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA (slightly southeast of San Diego). Athletes from all different sports come in and out of here all the time, whether for camps with lots of other athletes or simply for some sunny weather training!

So, the "elite athlete development" sector of USA Track and Field has decided to focus a little more on javelin this year and hopefully the next few (yay!), and this weekend a bunch of great US throwers showed up for a little technique analysis, skills/strength testing and camaraderie! Athletes here include: Mike Hazle (my training partner) and Sean Furey (who also trains here regularly), Corey White, Chris Hill, Rachel Yurkovich, Kim Kreiner, Alicia DeShasier, and Katie Coronado. Tom Pukstys and Duncan Atwood , a couple of US javelin greats, are leading us through exercises and sharing knowledge and opinions about our throwing and javelining in general! Steve Leigh, an excellent biomechanist from UNC, is also here analyzing and sharing his extensive knowledge. Overall, a great opportunity for involved javelin talks and some friendly (but for sure quality!) competition.

About 3 weeks ago, Mike and I were doing some testing throwing shots...the big metal ball kind of shots...and I sprained a facet (facet) in the low-middle of my back. It was super painful the first day or two, then calmed down a bit, but hasn't gotten significantly (to me that would mean totally haha) better since about three days after I did it.

I am hardly ever a Negative Nancy, but when you're an athlete and suddenly your body won't do what you want it to without pain (or it's not smart to make it do so for fear of worsening the situation), it's tough to smile constantly like I normally do.

Needless to say, it was difficult today to watch my fellow javelinists throwing and bounding and competing against each other (complete with friendly banter) without being able to join in! I wanna play, too!!! Very impressed with Sean and Corey and their far practice throws, and, as expected, Rach is prolific at all the general explosiveness testing; major props! Camp continues tomorrow with more analysis and tests, in which my participation will again be limited.

Since I'm SO much more used to being excited about things than gloomy! I am itching to throw! I'm visualizing all the awesome technique I have learned since November under new coach Ty Sevin, and the full approaches I practiced today while everyone else was throwing felt stellar! I focus on the things I can do instead of the things I can't. I do lots of core strength rehab things, which I love. Plus, I'm going to AcuSport Health Center on Thursday on recommendation to experience my first-ever acupuncture! (AcuSport Health Center) Exciting!

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