Monday, February 7, 2011

Good Day

Last week, I had some of my best throwing sessions ever. On Monday, Mike, Andreas, Ty, and Asmund let out a collective, "ooooohhhh" after one of my throws, which was pretty awesome. I was throwing on the runway and hitting consistently good, closed positions. On Thursday, Ty had Mike and I throw off of the grass for the entire session, which feels awesome on your body compared to the track surface! I hit even better positions on the grass, mostly because I wasn't going as fast as on the runway. I'm super encouraged! Here are two of my throws, and one of the light ball throws that we do at the end of practice.

Since we had a relatively easy day on Thursday, Ty told me that I had to throw 57 meters on Monday. I was pretty excited to see whether or not I could throw far when I wanted to instead of accidentally hitting positions and having things work out! Alas, when I brought the intensity up and tried to throw far, it didn't quite happen that way. By the end of the throwing session, I finally remembered that I needed to focus on positions more than just speed and aggression, but by then I was pretty tired. Instead of 57 meters, I threw 56. I'm disappointed, but afterward I remembered that I didn't throw during all of February last year because of a back injury. I'm pretty happy with how yesterday went when I think about it that way.
My parents are coming to visit this weekend!
I haven't seen them since Thanksgiving in Hawaii, and I'm really excited to show them around. We lived in San Diego when I was a baby, so I know they're familiar, but my Mom has never seen the training center before! Hopefully the rain that's in the forecast is short-lived!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm a gymnast! ...kinda.

One of my training goals for the year was to do a kip (and I do mean a kip). I do gymnastics with Mike, Melinda and Becky twice a week, and in every block before this one, I've simply been building my strength while the three of them flip and twist and spin like crazy around me! Becky looks like this, and I've been doing pull-ups and basic strength things on the high bar...kind of embarrassing sometimes.
When there is evidence all around me that I'm behind in training (nevermind that Becky was a level 10 gymnast and Melinda and Mike have done this before) I get extremely motivated to improve.
I quietly have worked on improving my strength on the high bar (3 pull-ups the first day to 3 sets of 10 now) and on the rings so that I could have my shot at learning some tricks!

Last week was rest week. You may remember that I thought the week before that was rest week, but I was wrong. That means I really needed to recharge my batteries this weekend! I took full advantage: got away from the training center, borrowed Ian and Stacy's dog London, a vizsla, and took her to the beach, went to the zoo with Russ and even met some of his family we didn't know lived here! I was ready to come back to practice on Monday, and I was extremely ready to try some new moves on the high bar on Tuesday afternoon.
I did a kip.
Then I did like 7 more of them! Then I tried some muscle-ups, and I did those, too! I am absolutely loving gymnastics, because progress is so measurable. You either can perform a skill, or you can't.

As Dr. Ross said when I told him I had achieved a year-long aspiration on the first day I tried, I need to modify my goals a little. :)