Thursday, March 18, 2010

actually throwing javelin

Like I said, my back has been feeling better...when the javelin mini camp was here last weekend, I did a little bit of walking around and throwing an actual javelin in the grass. It was fine, but I was nervous to push it because I was still pretty sensitive. When I got to practice this morning though, I felt ready to go! I didn't throw explosively by any means, but got to do a bunch of walking throws using good technique. As soon as Mike sends me the video, I'll post it! I had no pain, and most of the technical things I've been pondering in this hiatus from throwing went really well.
I'm excited!!

Another part of training today is lifting. In the fall, we got Keiser Equipment in the building down by the track. This is what I use to lift on Thursdays! It's awesome, because it doesn't let you use momentum to lift weights; you really have to do all the work and create all your power just from your muscles. There are readouts on all the equipment and it keeps track of your maximum power output, showing percentages for each repetition. I really enjoy Thursday lifts, because they are a refreshing departure from a normal weightroom setting. There are also garage doors on the track building, so on beautiful days like today, we leave them wide open!
I've never been able to lift basically outside before. Love it.

Training cycles go in 4-week increments. Three weeks of high-volume, all-out practice, and then a week of lower-volume and rest! This week is rest week, and that means no practice for me Friday or Saturday! Meaning today was the perfect day to test out acupuncture for the first time. I think I liked it! The needles sort of felt like what my muscles would feel like after a vaccine shot when I was little. I know that's random. Apparently I'm supposed to be a little sore from it, so we'll see in a few days if it was beneficial for the old back!

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