Sunday, June 3, 2012


The 2011 Compeed Golden Gala was my best competition of the year.  It remains the only A standard distance I've recorded in the qualifying period (after May 1, 2011).  Rome this year was terrible, however, and I'd rather forget it.

I had been in Europe for nine days by the time competition rolled around on Thursday, and I felt pretty good.  I had a throwing session on Monday in which I focused on staying closed as I got my left foot down quickly, and it was pretty successful!  In warm-ups Thursday, I did the same things, stayed relaxed, and felt very positive walking out to the runway.  Alas, I finished seventh with an embarrassing distance that I'm choosing to ignore.  I tried too hard in the competition instead of slowing things down and hitting good positions when the first few throws didn't go well, and I'm moving on!

I spent last season wallowing in self-pity after each bad competition, and while I allowed myself about an hour on Thursday to be upset and BBM back and forth with my Mom and Russ (who are both amazingly comforting when I'm being miserable), I refuse to repeat last year's mistakes.  Rome was only one meet, and I'm better than that and will accomplish much bigger things this season!  Do I regret disappointing myself and the people who got me there?  Yes, but losing is a part of sports, and I need to be done apologizing (to others and myself) for and dwelling on things long after they are over.  My plan is simple; relax, believe in myself and get better.

I'm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina this week, staying at Jeff and Elaine Gorski's house until I go to New York on the 7th.  I'm excited to be here adjusting to east coast time and working with Jeff, who has been a part of my career literally since it began eleven or so years ago.  We had a good throwing session this morning at Duke University (thanks, B.J.!) with Adam Burke, and I'm really looking forward to the massage they set up for me tomorrow. :)


  1. Everything in life has a learning curve. Keep at it Kara. Here at home we are rooting for you each and every time you compete. Sometimes we don't do well, so we can figure out how to do our best. Keep letting that javelin fly! We love you. Patti