Thursday, June 21, 2012

Best. Practice. Ever.

The official website of the Olympic Trials is  If you click that link, you'll see the TrackTown 2012 logo in the top left corner with a scrolling message that circulates between, "Best. Time. Ever," "Best. Town. Ever," and, "Best. Team. Ever."  That last one and the title of this post are all I could think about after Tuesday's throwing session!

I won't go into much detail, because I want to keep that practice's power for myself, but I wanted to write down the cues that worked so well for me the other day.  Maybe they'll help one of you, too.

1. Relax out of the back (at the start of the throw).
2. Hide the javelin behind my head once I withdraw it.
3. Tall, relaxed upper body.
4. Accelerate with a closed left side to my left foot.
5. Throw over the left foot!

I also like to pick a focal point out in the sector; typically just a little bit above eye level, and as far away as I can see clearly.  It helps me keep my chest up.

I have one more throwing session (on Monday) before I leave for the Northwest!  I'm going home for one day before I head down to Eugene on the 27th.  I get to see these babies again:


  1. Go kara I wish you the best of luck and although I only saw you compete once (tucson) this year it was amazing !! I'm a male jav thrower but you inspire me more than anything.

  2. Kick some butt kara! Ill be rooting for you! Hopefully I will see you again at USA's next year!

  3. Good Luck Kara! I've watched you compete with my daughter Emalie for years. I admire your talent and wish you all the best! GO FOR IT young lady!

  4. Best of luck tomorrow Kara!!!

  5. Best of luck Kara! We are watching and cheering for you!
    Your Cali. Fans, The Piersons. (Molly's fam)