Monday, June 20, 2011

CVOTC "Tune-Up"

I competed in the meet here at the training center on Thursday. I wanted to have a low-key, fun meet after New York and before USAs! Some dear friends of mine threw the javelin for me to make it a legitimate meet; thanks ladies :). It was fun, but each time I got on the runway, I got all tight again.

I threw 56.98m, which is better than New York, worse than Pre and not nearly where I want to be. In the middle of the competition, I took another step out of my approach, which means my approach is now exactly what it was last year (and I loved it last year). After the competition, I practiced for about another hour, throwing out of that new/old full approach and finishing up with some shorter stuff at the end. Practice was great and I think I threw myself out of some things by the end of it, yay!

It's strange when we change things that don't need to be changed or we forget about things we worked on for a long time. But those things don't matter as long as we realize how important it is to focus on basics and execute simple things we know we're good at. I'm looking forward to practice tomorrow!

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  1. I think it's because we feel like we've exhausted the old technique and feel like we need to take a new approach on. When I was throwing around my new pr for weeks and wan't improving I became frustrated, I wanted to improve. I added two more steps into my approach and when I needed it to count the most I failed myself. I failed because I didn't take into account that new approaches take time to get used to. I wanted it to happen immediately, but sometimes we need to take a step backwards and fix the little things that might make all the difference.