Friday, December 10, 2010

Business as Usual

The last six or so weeks have been great! The first block (three weeks) of training went well, and this marks the end of the second week of my second block. I'm really, really excited about all the shoulder strengthening stuff that's involved in my every day training this year.
I always have shoulder pain when I start back training:
Every year my mind tricks me into thinking it's worse than it has ever been before! Once we get into regular throwing sessions and toss in some extra rehab for good measure though, it calms right down. Right now, we're throwing heavy javelins, getting back into crossover shape, and working really hard on learning some real gymnastics skills.

I've been having some technical difficulties with the internet lately, so I didn't get to post a blog about Rally for Girls' Sports Day. I just wanted to leave a list of things that I've won from playing sports.

1. friends
2. self-confidence
3. mental and physical strength
4. a job (that I love)
5. perspective on the world
6. opportunities to give back
7. lots and lots of gratitude for others
A note on #7: Victories (whatever their scale) are so much more fun when you realize that they aren't just your own. It's extremely humbling to think about the things that so many other people had a hand in to get you where you are, and I try to think about it every day and say thanks!

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