Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back to Work

Russ and I drove back to San Diego last week, arriving on Saturday in order to start practice on Monday. I have to say, vacation was so much fun and we lived such a "free" lifestyle that it was difficult to face the facts again! Our road trip all the way down the Oregon coast, across to Reno with a stop at Lake Tahoe, and down the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountains was one last taste of outdoor exploration before beginning fall training. It was beautiful!

Now that practice has begun, I can talk about javelin again!
The first four days of training have been awesome. My upper body (mainly my chest and shoulders) is unbelievably sore, and I'm sure my legs will catch up after tomorrow! Starting October 14, I had little preparatory workouts four days a week, which made it easier to transition into these full-fledged workouts that we're doing now!

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are two-a-day practice days, and Wednesday and Saturday are "active rest" days. Monday and Thursday, Mike and I do drills and throw javelins in the morning and lift in the afternoon. Tuesday and Friday, we have conditioning exercises of all kinds in the morning and do gymnastics with the pole vaulters in the afternoon. Wednesdays this year, everyone goes to the beach, we take a 20-minute run, do general strength exercises in the sand, and then go for a dip in the ocean to cool off!
I don't know what Saturday has in store yet :).

I'm excited about how the year has started off. We are running a lot compared to last year, doing running drills, doing more specific strength stuff, and much more challenging (for me) gymnastics. I remember feeling a little out-of-sorts last year, mostly because I was new and unfamiliar with all of the drills and terminology. The throwing that we've done already has shown that the technique I learned last year has stuck with me well throughout vacation! There's also this feeling of excitement from everyone around here; I know it could be because it's the first week back, but I also have this idea that it has something to do with 2011 being a World Championships year...hooray!

The annual Throws Summit that USATF puts on is this weekend in Las Vegas; I usually enjoy a good javelin technique discussion, and it will be fun to see everybody!

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