Monday, April 12, 2010


Last Wednesday, one of my dearest friends invited me to go to a cool formal event with her! Britney Henry is a hammer thrower, and is partially responsible for Russ's and my relationship :). Her blog, "Olympian in Progress,"was nominated for Blog of the Year at the first inaugural #influenceSD Awards. What is #influenceSD, you ask? I'm a little confused too, but basically they are a group (business? I don't know...) that celebrates and promotes social media (facebook, twitter, websites, blogs, etc.) in San Diego. Being a blogger now, I approve!

The #influenceSD Awards were held downtown at Anthrology. This place is super-duper classy! They have live music events all the time, and they feature specialty entrees and drinks depending on the events they are hosting! I absolutely want to go back, because the Twitter-tinis (cheesy...but cool at the same time) and my seafood linguini were delicious! They also have the coolest menus on the planet. They're made from Taylor guitar wood; beautiful.

The awards night was nothing like I expected. I don't know what I did expect, but I got a whole lot of new experience! This event was largely for networking, and it was largely attended by what seemed to be the socialites of San Diego! Very out of my comfort zone at first, but I'm okay talking to new people, so it ended up being really fun. I also was firstly there to hang out with Britney and cheer her on, so I knew I would have fun regardless! Her team of people making The Britney Henry Project happen are awesome, and I always love seeing her Grandma Carol; Mike and I watched her (she's 81, btw) attempt to water-ski on one ski in September. Talk about inspirational!

Overall, a fun night.
This world of athletics doesn't lend much time to getting dressed up,
and it was really fun to do so!

A Few Reasons I love Britney Henry:
-She is ridiculously loyal and fiery: I'm pretty sure she would win a fight in your honor if it really came down to it! But she is a lover, not a fighter, otherwise :).
-She is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met; when I made the Olympic Team in '08, a) she cried for me and b) she sent me a water bottle filled with travel-size tidbits I never would have thought to bring for myself.
-She always laughs with you.
-She treasures memories just as much as I do; one of my favorite things to do with her is laugh about our joint experiences!
-She remembers things you say and wants to know about them later; I'll forget that I told her I was up to something, and when I'm done she's always excited to hear how it went. I call that supportive!

Thanks for inviting me Brit! Love you.

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  1. My eye are a little watery after reading your post LOVER!!! Thank you for being such an amazing friend!