Thursday, October 15, 2015

2015 Statistics

I averaged my results on the year once, and it was really fun!  Here we are again:

Average of Top 5 Competitions: 63.89m
66.47m (Longhorn Invite)
64.94m (USAs)
62.97m (London)
62.85m (Prefontaine)
62.21m (World Championships Qualifying)

Average of All Results: 61.72m
60.82m (Texas Relays)
59.07m (Drake Relays)
66.47m (Longhorn Invite)
61.76m (Shanghai)
62.85m (Prefontaine)
61.64m (Oslo)
64.94m (USAs)
61.71m (Paris)
61.44m (PanAms)
62.97m (London)
61.10m (Stockholm)
60.34m (NACAC)
62.21m (Worlds Qualifying)
60.88m (Worlds Final)
57.58m (Zurich)

If you take Zurich out of the equation (which I'd like to, but won't, haha), the overall average would be right around 62m.  I threw 61m 10 out of 15 times, but only threw over 62m (the Olympic A Standard and clearly at least what it takes to make major championship finals now) one third of the time.  I definitely need to work on that next year, and part of that is NOT competing in fifteen meets in one season!  It was awesome, but way too many for an Olympic year, and I look forward to tailoring my schedule with Rio clearly in my sights!

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