Friday, May 1, 2015

Relays Recap

This season feels busy so far!  I've competed twice, and I'm going to do it again tomorrow.  With school, a visit from my parents, enjoying our newly-complete house interior, and travel, I have made no time to blog.  Here we are :)

Texas Relays was my first competition of 2015, and the first one I was knee brace-less for since the 2012 Olympic Trials.  While I've been practicing bare-legged all year, meet speed and emotions are a bit different.  It was scary!  I was nervous!  I was all over the place technically!  But on my last throw, I gutted out 60.82m.  I wish I had video so that I could be baffled by it, but it felt really good to just get competitive and make something happen.  The only difference between throws 1-5 and number 6 was energy and a slightly bigger chest.

Drake Relays last weekend was really fun.  My ASICS family is always awesome to hang out with, the camera guys were rockstars in the cold, my parents and Grandpa came to cheer, Sharon threw the javelin with me, meeting and catching up with other javelin girls continues to bring me joy, and my competition bib said "WINGER!"  Fellow new wife Sara Beam was even wearing a QALO, a brand that Russ and I were recently introduced to and are big fans of!  As for the competition, I was overall unsatisfied with 59.07m as my furthest attempt.  However, for the first time in what feels like forever, I confidently made technical changes as the meet went its course, and improved on positions to ultimately feel like I threw decently far on purpose, not just with my guts.  That's important!  The focus of Drake Relays was technique, as discussed previously with Wendy, so I consider it a success.  Add even more confidence and speed to that equation and get a throw I love.  I'm all about continuing to improve the technique too, duh.  I was also okay with my consistency at Drake.  Excited for the future.  Check out the ASICS Facebook page for a few videos!

Competition tomorrow in Austin!  It's interesting to be around the NCAA system again as I visit Ty more at University of Texas.  I'll be blogging about that and the meet tomorrow soon!

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