Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Video Action!

Heeeeey!  So, I've been getting more and more comfortable with my knee and my technique with each practice, and wanted to share a bit.  In an effort to be totally transparent with you all in this recovery process and climbing back to where I know I belong, I want to talk about the difficulties and the victories!

December 16:

December 19:

January 19 (lower intensity):

January 29 (getting better):

January 29 (best):

January 23 (fast forward to about 20 seconds):

January 27:

Things I'm happy about:
  • Attacking my block.  I can't tell you how fun it is to have confidence in my left leg.
  • Carrying more speed into my throw than I ever could last year, followed by chasing the javelin out over my block. 
  • Controlling the tip of the javelin better than I have in a good while.
Things I'm working on:
  • Not pushing with my right leg after my impulse.  This is an old, stubborn habit that I knew I would probably need to re-break after surgery.  I guess I'm happy with how it's going, but (unreasonably) frustrated with the fact that it reared its ugly head again.  I need to give myself a break on this one, but I'm a perfectionist I guess.
  • The pushing with the right leg makes my upper body shift forward, the tip of the javelin come up, and my left shoulder open.  So those are three technical cues that I'm working on, but all of them can be fixed (the way my mind and body work) by waiting to put my right foot down and not pushing onto my block leg.
  • Carrying more energy through my impulse into the throw.  I feel floaty a lot of times, and I don't like it. 
  • Not being blocked off.  Allowing my right hip room to move through so I put more power into the javelin.   
I've been throwing a lot of overweight implements and doing just a ton of ball throws (medball and single arm little weighted ball alike), so I'm really excited about the coming months when I get to throw mostly competition-weight implements.  The session in Chula Vista (January 19 above) was the first time all year that I've thrown just 600g javelins, and even though my timing felt a little weird, it was a super fun session!!  Excited!

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