Sunday, May 19, 2013


I finally went to visit Ty at UNO!  He was hired as the head coach there last fall, and has done a super job setting up a brand new track and field program.  Two of his athletes head to the NCAA East Regional this weekend, and he's set to welcome lots more talent in the coming academic year. 

I was so excited to have a reason to go to New Orleans, and the trip did not disappoint!  I've been focused on rehab and supplemental training all year, but was fully cleared to throw at higher speeds (as I can tolerate) three weeks ago when I was in San Diego, so I booked a ticket to go see my coach and get some quality throwing work in.  I could not be more encouraged!

I had been throwing on my own (with Chris, Jamie or Russ watching) for two weeks before visiting Ty.  It was going okay, but there's a lot that has to become familiar again, and the basics didn't feel like the basics anymore.  I tried so hard to focus on simple things, but I expected to struggle in the first few weeks of regular throwing, so my trip south seemed perfectly timed.

It was amazing the difference a few cue words made in my first session with Ty last Monday!  It was even more amazing how well my second throwing session of the week went, especially because other parts of my body are trying hard to keep up with throwing again, too.  This is my favorite throw from my second session (filmed by Lucais MacKay). 

I'm a little open and slightly slow to my toe-first plant foot, but I am thrilled with this and the connection that I feel to the javelin.  I'm going to slowly work more speed onto the runway and focus on stabilizing my block leg with my glute: Trusting my left leg is obviously the priority.  I'm excited.

New Orleans is a fabulous place to look forward to having training camps next year!  I had a blast exploring the area and eating as much seafood as possible.  Some photos from the week:

Crawfish boil at Ty and Marie's.

Lake Pontchartrain sailboat at sunset.

Pony!  Equest Farms in City Park had a fundraiser yesterday.

This horse wouldn't keep his tongue in his mouth.  So funny.

There was a donkey race!  Hilarious.

Sunset over the lake last night.  Saw as many of these as possible.

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