Wednesday, July 25, 2012

London Calling!

I was asked recently what kinds of foods I'll eat while in London, and realized that I never posted about in-season eats!  I wanted to share a little bit about what I eat during competition season, what I take with me when I travel, and what I can expect to consume while at the Olympic Games.

I've been to London three times before, and it's one of my favorite European cities!  From what I've seen, the city streets and sidewalks are fairly wide compared to other places I've visited, meaning two throwers (or maybe just Americans?  Ouch?) can walk side-by-side without being uncomfortable.  Even though it rains a lot, that makes me happy to a point because I'm from Western Washington!  People speak English there, and I've found grocery stores with fairly familiar products in the past.

British food, however, is not my favorite.  In my 3 trips to the city, I've stayed at the same hotel each time, and maybe that doesn't give me the best idea of what's available.  I did get to meet up with my friend Laura from Purdue in London in 2009, and we got some street food and had dinner at a pub with her friends!  It was fun!  I really think that good company makes food better sometimes.

My favorite British food is bread pudding.  It is also the complete opposite of what I try to eat during the season!  When the season really gets rolling, I don't eat many carbohydrates (bread, pastas, sugar), and stick to mostly vegetables and proteins.  I love a big salad with all kinds of veggies, nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, avocado/guacamole, and fruit in it.  I'm strict when it comes to sweets during the season, too!  So, bread pudding, being a carb and a sweet, is just not on the menu.

That leaves me with bland roasted meats and fish, soggy steamed vegetables, and fruits that seem to be less flavorful than in America, too.  Again, this is only my experience at one British hotel speaking, so I'm optimistic about what I'll find in the Olympic Village!  The dining hall in the Village in Beijing was filled with buffet lines consisting of lots and lots of different varieties of food.  There were "American" options, Asian selections, and lots of Italian things to eat.  Even if there's a lot that doesn't look appetizing, you can probably find something that will be good for you!  The USOC has a training facility in London that is specifically for the American athletes, and you can sign up for dinners there that mainly consist of American food.  That place was awesome in Beijing!

There aren't a lot of snacks available in the Olympic Village (or anywhere when you travel abroad), so I'm bringing some stuff with me so that I can recover after workouts.  Here are my essentials:

EAS 100% Whey Protein Powder
     I think I'll take a mixture of vanilla and chocolate.  I mix this with water or milk after workouts, and throw it in smoothies!
Balance and PR Bars
     PR Bars are amazing.  Check out the link!  I love them!  Balance bars are delicious and not as good for you, but I've been using them for a long time and I'm familiar with them.
Peanut Butter
     Good for a delicious shot of creamy protein and fat when you're feeling hungry.
     YUM.  This is plane food for me.  I also have a cranberry/almond/pistachio trail mix that I like.

That's about it for eats at the Olympics!  Meet my new friends from Maggie and Britney; Champion is the Build-A-Bear dog on the left, and my Pillow Pet elephant from Britney's trunk is pointing up for good luck!  They're very patriotic!  I have amazing friends. :)

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