Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Drake Relays

I traveled to Des Moines, Iowa last Wednesday, and competed in my fourth Drake Relays on Friday. The results left me feeling like I want a whole lot more, but the overall experience was great!

 I slept in until 11:30am on Thursday morning, because my flight from Denver had been delayed the night before, and Larry the shuttle driver dropped me off at the hotel close to midnight. I haven't been getting a ton of rest lately, so I knew not to set an alarm; I wanted every last bit of sleep I could get, and I love a King size hotel bed all my own!  After breakfast/lunch at Quizno's, I went on a recovery/pre-meet run around downtown and found a beautiful business park to stretch and do some explosive stuff. I love a close-to-the-hotel pre-meet! Then, I picked up some awesome swag from ASICS (including new GEL-Cirrus33s) before heading to dinner with Stacey and her team!! Stac was my teammate and co-captain at Purdue, and is one of my favorite people; she works hard, always has a smile on and is so fun to be around. I laughed so much at this dinner!

Things went fine Friday morning; I arrived early to the track, took my time warming up and stayed out of the wind as best I could while the first flight was finishing up. I have to be honest: The weather sucked. I am not one to even notice conditions usually, taking it upon myself to compete awesomely in spite of poor situations. I actually don't mind a headwind one bit, and have thrown well into them many times. This 30 mile-an-hour, gusting, left crosswind that occasionally turned into a diagonal headwind (also known as the worst possible direction of wind for right-handed throwers) was terrible, though. And, because I didn't use my left side well enough and am not getting to my left foot fast enough for my liking, I only managed 56.58 meters. My four measured attempts (that didn't get blown out of the sector) were all around 56 meters. I'm fairly happy with that consistency in those conditions! Ty was okay with it, too.  Check out this picture from The Columbian (my hometown newspaper!) of me levitating before a throw!

Could I have thrown better? Yes. Was I completely ready to compete yet? No! I've been training so hard since returning home from Australia, and I'm so excited to let that training work for me soon, when my volume goes down and I get tons of rest. Recovery is one of the most important parts of training, you know! I'm also pumped about my understanding of patience this year; it's good to throw far later in the year, and have that success last the whole summer, rather than fizzle out halfway through.

The rest of Drake Relays weekend was so much fun! I got to spend time with my Mom and Grandpa all weekend (thanks for driving us around and for all the food, Grandpa!), hang out with all the ASICS people, help Russ in the discus (he lets me "coach" sometimes), and actually watch the rest of the track meet! It was also great to meet some new people.  The fabulous ASICS videographers also made this recap video.

This weekend, I'm heading home to Washington for like 24 hours just to meet my parents' brand new puppies!!! I am so happy I made the decision to go; if I waited until I'm home for a few days around the Trials, they wouldn't be brand new anymore! Expect random, adorable photos in future blog posts. Here's one my Dad sent along on Friday!

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