Saturday, January 7, 2012


Heeeey blog. Sorry I've neglected you.

My fall training was fabulous. We're doing this new thing this year (new to us anyway...not new to Kibwe) where we throw and lift in the mornings and then do it again in the afternoons, with some variations (running/jumping/med ball throws) in there. The training is modeled after Dr. Bondarchuk's philosophies, and I couldn't be happier with how things are going! I throw (always out of a full approach, just at different speeds) more but with less volume per session than I have before, so repetitions are higher quality and I can focus better on executing good technique. This training just makes sense to me.
I'm a javelin thrower. I need to know how to throw the javelin.
In other news, I traveled basically all over the country for Christmas vacation! I was home in Washington for a few days, went to Iowa and got to see lots of my Mom's side of the family, hung out in Colorado with Russ and his family for a week, and attended my friends Mandy and Johan's New Years Eve wedding in Phoenix! It was fabulous (and my workouts were general strength most of that time, so I didn't miss much), but it has been amazing to be back in one place and know I'll be here for a while, especially considering how much I traveled this fall. Here's to consistent, exciting training!

I'm taking part in the Powerful Women Athletes Telesummit, an event organized by Christina McKinstry to inspire younger athletes and fans alike with conversations about different aspects of training, competition and the lives of elite female athletes in general. My interview will be on Sunday, January 29th at 5:00pm Pacific time, and you can register (free!) to listen in here. The Telesummit starts tomorrow with Loree Smith's interview, and you can see a list of speakers and the schedule here. I'm really excited to listen to all of the interviews, as so many of the women who will speak through this event have inspired and continue to inspire me!

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