Sunday, September 19, 2010


I'm in Colorado Springs hanging out with Russ and his awesome parents! Last week, he and I walked eleven miles into the woods (uphill, haha) to get to the Emerald Lakes in the Weminuche Wilderness of Southwest Colorado near Durango. It was my first backpacking trip ever, and I absolutely loved it. It is so much hard work to pack in,
but incredibly rewarding!!
We camped just south of Little Emerald Lake, and took day hikes around it and to the north side of (Big) Emerald Lake. I'm loving vacation! Hanging out in Elk camp is next on the list.

Russ on the trail at the beginning of the pack in!

Us on our second day of hiking; straight uphill for 4 miles. But gorgeous :).

The first view we had of Little Emerald Lake! Beautiful.

A view toward the north shore of Emerald Lake from the trail on our day hike.

Looking south across Emerald Lake toward Little Emerald!

Russell on the trail on the way out. The Aspens were awesome :).

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