Sunday, August 1, 2010


So, the travel to Tallinn, Estonia was going to be as follows:

By train:
6:45: leave for the main train station in Cologne
7:25-8:20: Cologne to Monchengladbach
8:25-8:56: Monchengladbach to Venio
9:19-10:00: Venio to Eindhoven
10:02-11:22: Eindhoven to Amsterdam Centraal
By plane:
13:15-16:30: Amsterdam to Riga International
17:10-18:05: Riga to Tallinn

All that with a rolling duffel bag, javelins and a backpack? Sounds really difficult. I've had a bit of a cold for about a week, and have been feeling it in the way workouts have gone. Getting information about this travel schedule coupled with the sickness factor made the decision not to go to the meet pretty simple, even though I had been looking forward to it!
Sometimes doing the best thing for myself takes some convincing, but I like to think that I come to my senses more often than not.
In other news, tomorrow is Russ's birthday, and since we're both no longer going to this meet, we'll be able to do something fun to celebrate!


  1. who in the world found you that train ticket to amsterdam?? There is a Thalys train that goes straight there! Probably better you rest anyway!

    Hope Russ had fun on his birthday!

  2. haha, I guess I found it? I was told when a train left for Amsterdam, and when I asked the train lady at the main station for the itinerary, she showed me the FOUR train changes! Yes, better that I rest, and I think Russ had a fun birthday...I made a cake! Don't know how it worked out with German directions!