Thursday, May 13, 2010

Entertainment and the Great Outdoors!

I did something "trendy." I don't normally go out and buy things to keep up with the Joneses or what have you, but for traveling and entertainment purposes, I purchased an iPad. It's light and small, has great battery life, and I can read books on it! I love to read but I sorta hate traveling with books, so problem solved. Let's just all hope my eyesight doesn't suffer! The games I can get are really fun, but Russ pointed something out yesterday; people spend lots of money buying these expensive pieces of equipment, only to play simple, basic games on them. For example: large, powerful office computers are often used for Solitaire! That's not to say that we both don't enjoy playing Unblock Me on my iPad, though.

Russ wants to start spearfishing. Before I met him and we started dating, I had no idea there were so many different kinds of fishing to be done! Anyway, I think spearfishing is interesting, but unlike the other kinds of fishing I've tried with the best BF ever, I have no interest in participating in this kind. I would, however, like to get into other water activities! Snorkeling, scuba diving, stand-up paddle boarding, etc. Snorkeling here will be much different than what I remember it being when I was little in Hawaii, though; cooler water temperatures and murkier water are slightly scary to me! Therefore, I bought a nice wetsuit yesterday that was on super clearance sale as a first step to delving into new underwater fun. I'm excited!
Upcoming meets for me are as follows:
Tucson, Arizona: May 20th
Uberlandia, Brazil: May 26th
Maringa, Brazil: May 30th
Hopefully: Rome, Italy: June 10th
If Not: San Diego Mesa College: June 12th
Des Moines, Iowa (USA Championships): June 25th

The meet in Rome is huge. The Diamond League makes its debut this summer, and the first meet with women's javelin is tomorrow in Doha, Qatar. Rome is the second. The start list for Doha doesn't have me on it and I'm sad, but I just have a little more proving myself to do!

I'm feeling awesome. I've been a little tired lately, but going to bed a little (sometimes a lot) earlier, taking a few more ice baths, and keeping up with my vitamins is essential for getting fresh again! When your body is complaining and you don't know quite why, make good decisions to get it better.
How you feel is mostly your responsibility!
All in all, I have been repeating generally great technique, and I feel like I have good power. I've also been getting back into a comfort zone in the weightroom; I'm still a little nervous that something might cramp up at any time since I've had such problems with that, but it's no way to live life, so I'll get over it soon :). I'm really looking forward to my impending flurry of competitions!

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